Fruit Market

Of course, if we’re talking about post-punk dub, it’s impossible to look past Adrian Sherwood and On-U Sound. African Head Charge are also on the bill for Le Guess Who—no indication whether Sherwood will be manning the sound desk but you never know.

It’s probably too much to hope that they’ll play anything from their third album, Drastic Season, released a full forty years ago now. I’m no On-U Sound expert, but this goes as far out as anything I’ve heard, the entire sound-field yawing and warping as Sherwood works the faders. “Fruit Market” is perhaps the easiest track on the album to parse, the horn refrain acting as a guiding light through the chaos, but it’s still head-melting stuff.

Bonus track: Bonjo Iyabinghi Noah and Adrian Sherwood pick ten Head Charge classics for the Quietus.

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