The curators and initial line-up for Le Guess Who were announced a few weeks ago…time to do some homework. Valentina Magaletti looks to be the Zelig of the 2023 edition — I count at least three of her projects on the bill (Holy Tongue, Moin, and a duo with Marta Salogni).

I already had my eye on the Holy Tongue album after a glowing write-up from Phil Freeman (Burning Ambulance, the Wire). As he says, you could slip most of the album into a post-punk dub DJ set without anyone blinking an eye, but more than Public Image Ltd. or African Head Charge, “Susuro” reminds me of Can circa Ege Bamyasi, or prime Mouse on Mars. A shoe-in if Kevin Martin ever resurrects the Macro Dub Infection compilation series!

Thoughts, hopes, exhortations?