This page indexes the routes posted on Hors Catégorie. The routes are loosely divided into Short, Medium, and Long.  On a Short ride, I’d get by on a single bottle of water and a banana and expect to be home by lunchtime. On a Medium ride, two bottles of water, and something else on top of the banana — a cafe stop along the way is a definite possibility. If I’m doing a Long ride, I will definitely stop for lunch somewhere along the way, and I won’t be making any plans more arduous than sitting in an armchair with a recovery beer for the evening.

The name of the route is followed by the distance in kilometres and the elevation gain in metres, which you can use as a rough gauge of the route’s relative difficulty. If the elevation gain averages 10m per km, that’s about par — if it’s much less than that, the route has extensive flat sections; if it’s significantly more, prepare to get well acquainted with the small ring.

All routes start from, and finish at, my local coffee shop: Five Points, in Harold’s Cross.


Bohernabreena Reservoir (45km, 695m)

Piperstown — Glencullen (37km, 563m)


Bishopshill (84km, 992m)

Laragh (89km, 1310m)

Trooperstown (93km, 1342m)


The Hill of Tara (118km, 798m)