Exploring the Parameter Space

Mammoth interview with Autechre in advance of their Vicar Street gig tomorrow night. I’m not usually gone on interviews that just present the unedited transcript of the conversation, but it seems appropriate here, given the multi-hour scale of some Autechre releases. There’s something of the same sense of wandering aimlessly in their world and unexpectedly happening on something really interesting.

If you’d asked me thirty years ago which bands of the day were likely to go down the Grateful Dead route of massive documentation of their live work, I might have guessed Sonic Youth, but Autechre wouldn’t have been anywhere on my radar. Nor Fugazi, for that matter.

2 thoughts on “Exploring the Parameter Space”

    1. Hah, fair enough. Great interview anyway, seemed like all three of you were really into the conversation. Hope you enjoyed the gig, I thought it was a belter.

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